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Don’t let the lack of insurance prevent you from receiving the dental treatment you need when you need it.

Having good dental insurance coverage can be a big help when you need dental work. Let’s face it, having $1500-2000 per year to cover your dental treatment can do a lot to encourage dental health! But you have to keep in mind that insurance is not free: you have to pay for your insurance plan (even if it’s just deducted from your paycheck), you have to pay your yearly deductible (anything from $50 to $250), and you have to remember that insurance doesn’t cover 100% of procedure cost even after your deductible has been met (typically, insurance will cover between 40%-80% while the rest comes out of your pocket).You also have to be aware that your insurance might not kick in immediately. Many insurance plans have a waiting period of 6 to 12 months after you begin paying your premiums when cannot claim any coverage--even if you have a dental emergency. You also have to be aware that almost all insurance plans have lists of which procedures they will cover and under what circumstances. Frequently, the treatment that you need will not be covered because of some mysterious insurance company rationale.


From your doctor’s perspective, insurance coverage is also a two-edged sword. While insurance allows more people to seek dental care, insurance companies have very strict limitations regarding how much a dentist is allowed to charge for a particular service—to the extent that the insurance companies have extensive booklets which presume to tell dentists what they can charge for any particular service! Frequently, these limitations are arbitrarily set and have no relation to the economic realities of providing treatment. Because of this, many dental offices will charge uninsured patients MORE than they charge to those who are covered by an insurance policy—sometimes because they need to, sometimes simply because they can.


In our office we always follow insurance fee schedules even if you are not covered by an insurance plan. While discussing your dental problems and treatment options (and you almost always have several) we will show you the brochure that is prepared and distributed by one of the insurance companies that we participate with and you will be able to check the prices for procedures/services that need. So you will be able to pick the treatment option that best suits your dental needs and financial situation. We also offer flexible monthly payment plans without third party involvement so that you can receive the dental treatment that you need when you need it.

Don’t postpone your dental appointment until you are in trouble! Don’t wait until it’s too late, come to see us before you find yourself in a complicated and painful situation that requires expensive dental treatment. And if you do find yourself in a painful and expensive situation, don’t let the lack of insurance cause you to make things worse. We are here for you.

Sometimes, the best information you can get about a dentist comes from the very people who have been treated by the dentist--word of mouth, you migt say. The following are testimonials from some of Dr. Levit's patients:

"Dr. Levit is an outstanding dentist. In addition, she is always very pleasant during my visits."

Neil K

"Dr. Levit is a great dentist who is very considerate of her patients and their well being and wishes. I am a baby at the dentist and she has been the most gentle dentist I have had in 50+ years."

" I do not know how we ever got along without you - everyone here in the office is special. Thank you so much"

Josef and Mary Ann

"Dr. Levit to you and your staff, you have become very very special to us. A great word of thanks not only for your outstanding skill but also for your kindness and thoughtfulness."


Line and Fred

"Thank you so much for your top quality work and kind attitude to your patients! Your smiles are adorable! Good luck!"

Olga and Irina

"Dear Best Dentist! Thank you so much! It is always a great experience!"


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