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Dental Implants


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                                     Dental Implant

                Do you really have to live without teeth or suffer from a loose uncomfortable denture?

During the last 20 years dental implants have become a great alternative to other methods of replacing missing teeth. This method has a great success rate and gives variety of available options that make it a popular choice for patients who have missing teeth.

Dental implants may be thought of as replacement tooth root. They are available in many shapes and sizes and can be selected based on patient's specific needs to achieve the best result possible.

A dental implant is a thin, metal rod that goes into the jaw bone like a natural tooth root and forms an attachment for a replacement tooth. Implants are strong, long lasting and indistinguishable from natural teeth. They look and behave in exactly the same way as real teeth.

The jaw bone around the dental implant holds it firmly in the mouth. The pressure from chewing on the implant crown is transmitted to the underlying bone and helps keep this bone healthy. Bone needs stimulation or it will melt away.

Bone graft - Why you might need this procedure?

In order for a dental implant to be successful the patient must have sufficient bone in the jaw to place the implant into. When teeth are lost, the "alveolar" bone that previously housed them begins to dissolve away in a process called "resorption." Depending on the rate of resorption, the remaining bone may be insufficient to replace the missing tooth with an implant.

It was once assumed that if a patient did not have enough bone in their jaw they would not be suitable for dental implants. Today, thanks to the massive advances in dental techniques patients with insufficient bone in the jaw can have the bone rebuilt using bone grafting.


 Bone grafting procedure has several benefits that can not be underestimate:


- Preserves or restores the natural bony contours where teeth have been removed, so that the most natural appearing tooth replacement can be done.
- Can increase the bone density at the graft site, which may increase the early stability of an implant. Increased bone density may also decelerate the bone resorption process if a significant amount of time must elapse before the edentulous site is restored with an implant or bridge.
- Allows the placement of dental implants into sites that would not be possible if bone grafting was not accomplished.

Mini implants for denture stabilization 

How they can help me?



With the latest technology in dental implantology, Mini Dental Implants may be the answer to your denture problems.

Having troubles with your denture? Mini Dental Implants are for you!

* Can help you eat, smile, and speak with renewed confidence.
* Are placed using a simple, gentle approach
* Are affordable - less than half the cost of conventional-style implants
* Can be placed in order to stabilized your dentures.
* Can help to preserve bone & facial appearance.

It takes just one easy appointment which lasts less than two hours to place the implants and adjust your denture over them for a good stable fit. You can start using your new prosthetic system right away and enjoy your dinner the very same day!